What is the Preventive Medical Care Weight Loss Program.

  • A medically-managed supplemental individualized lifestyle protocol specifically tailored for you personally.
  • Bi-weekly monitoring allowing you to see your progress to a better self.
  • Medical consultation with trained medical professionals.
  • Easy to follow program and materials that will teach you to maintain your new lifestyle!!!

Lifestyle and Obesity

  • Managing your health and your weight is a multifaceted balancing act that involves all aspects of your lifestyle

  • As Medical Professionals, we want to work with you to change the way you approach weight loss and prevent the risk of chronic health issues and diseases.

  • Through our medical counseling, you can learn about the effects your prior lifestyle has had on your health and effectively overcome and live the life you wished.

What this program can do for you?

  • If you go through our program you will be:
    • Less at risk of chronic health issues and disease like:
      • diabetes ,
      • pre-diabetes,
      • High Blood Pressure
        heart disease

      • osteoarthritis
      • back pain
    • More energetic and physically fit
    • Experience a healthier and happier you!!

The Obesity Epidemic

  • The incidence of obesity has risen in the United States over the past 30 years; 60% of adults are currently either obese or overweight.

  • Obesity is associated with a higher incidence of diseases that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death.

Disclaimer: Individual weight loss and health changes ( laboratory testing) may vary for different patients 

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